Ten-Minute > Wet Work

Comedy, 2 men, 10 min.

Outside of a indie rock club in Chicago, two hipster hitmen, one new to the game and one old pro, await their next hit. Comedy and ironic pop culture references ensue.

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Empathy Festival
Talif Productions, Chicago, IL
May 2-30, 2017
Directed by Natalie Green
Featuring TBA

Secret Stash III
Cold Basement Dramatics, Chicago, IL
May 9-11, 2014
Directed by Alex St. John
Featuring Zach Bartz (Ian) and Noor Hamdi (Sean)

6th Annual Chaos Festival of New Plays
Point of Contention, Chicago, IL
March 28-April 6, 2011
Directed by Brandon Baisden
Featuring Ray Read (Ian) and Joshua Volkers (Sean)

Seven Plays in Seven Days Festival
n.u.f.a.n ensemble, Chicago, IL
July 20, 2009
Directed by Kieley Brennan
Featuring Michael Larimer (Ian) and Jon-Michael Armstrong (Sean)

Write Club
WNEP Theater, Chicago, IL

"Wet Work written by Jenny Seidelman is an intriguing, comedic encounter between two very opposite men. Under the direction of Brandon Baisden, Ray Ready plays it perky, irritant to an established, smoldering Joshua Volkers. The odd duo captivates to an unexpected conclusion." - Katy Walsh, Chicago Theater Beat