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Drama, 4 women, 2 men, 1 girl, 90 minutes

Reckoning is the story of three generations of travellers (Irish gypsies) – matriarch Mae Deacon, daughter Carrie, and Carrie’s daughter Vivian. When Carrie’s 16-year old niece Jessica announces her impending marriage and asks Mae to make her a wedding dress, unexpected turmoil upsets the Deacon’s quiet life. Together, they are forced to face a past that haunts them – and avenge a grave transgression that was committed against their family.

The first in a series of plays about travellers, which also includes Henry Moore is Melting and The Traveller of Tenby.

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Athena Festival
Idle Muse Theatre Company, Chicago, IL
November 20, 2016
Directed by Katherine Seigel
Featuring Jessica Lauren Fisher (Carrie), Anita Kallen (Mae), Julie Partyka (Pauline), Tamara Bodnar (Jessica), Ronan McGuire (Vivian), Stephen McClure (Tommy), Christopher Carpenter (Bill)

The Asylum Theatre, Las Vegas, NV
February 8, 2015
Directed by Sarah O'Connell
Featuring Jessica Hird (Carrie), Vanessa Coleman (Pauline), Barbara King (Mae), Ashlee Grubbs (Vivian), Alexa Josey (Jessica), Jake Taylor (Tommy), and Scott McAdam (Bill)

Space and Time – The Continuum of YOUR work
Women's Theatre Alliance of Chicago, Chicago, IL
June 22, 2011
Directed by Jennifer Olson
performance of 1st scene in play
Featuring Catherine Dughi (Carrie), Barbara Berndt (Mae), Justine Serino (Pauline), Elyse Hartman (Vivian), Meredith Lyons (Jessica)

Women's Theatre Alliance of Chicago, New Play Development Workshop, Chicago, IL, March-June 2011

Interview with Jenny Seidelman in The Desert Companion about the February 2015 reading of Reckoning.