Ten-Minute > Dr. Mysterious

Drama, Radio Play, 7 men, 1 woman (doubling possible), 10 minutes

In this homage to radio crime dramas like The Shadow, the mystical Dr. Mysterious easily outwits the bad guys using his amazing tricks of the mind.

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Staged Reading
Wood Street Theatre, Palatine, IL
April 8-9, 2006
Directed by Glen D. Jackson
Featuring Shaofen Ai (Evelyn Lemont), Stephanie Beck (Big Murray), Megan Betti (Clyde), Victoria Hesslink (Spike), Glen D. Jackson (Announcer, Johnny the Toad), Kyle Sloan (Professor Hardwood Monroe/Dr. Mysterious), Jan Schonta (Commissioner Reilly), Jim Beck (Sound Effects)

Armageddon Radio Hour
WNEP Theater, Chicago, IL
December 31, 2005
Directed by Don Hall
Featuring Peter DeGiglio, Paul Imboden, Jen Ellison, Amanda Cohen, Cathy Sanders, Rebecca Langguth, Patrick Brennan, Seth Fisher, Noah Ginex, Jeffrey Shivar