One-Act > ...Because I Love You: A Comedy About Parenting

Comedy, 3 men, 5 women, 60 minutes

…Because I Love You: A Comedy About Parenting is a show that celebrates the many different methods of child-rearing. The show centers on five different families working for the greater good of their children; including putting their all into the sometimes insufferable PTA meetings and fundraisers to create the best damn show for their kids! Grab your organic kombucha or your full-bodied cab (no judgement here) sit back and embrace the comedy of this crazy rollercoaster of life. To top it all off, the show is only an hour, so you have time to watch a show, grab drinks, dinner, and get home before you have to go straight to bed because you're too exhausted …that’s right, we have your back!

Gorilla Tango, Chicago, IL
March 4-April 22, 2017
Directed by Jessica Rae Olsen
Featuring Alicia Frame (Liz/Olivia), Anthony Urso (Mike/Logan), Gabrielle Lott-Rogers (Sarah/Abigail), Jeff Derrico (Brian/Kevin), Jennifer A. Ryder (Kim/Peyton), Mercedes Rohlfs (Jess/Sasha), Rosie O'Leary (Becky/Emma), Vinny Tangherlini (Tom/Ethan)

Gorilla Tango, Chicago, IL
October 2016