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Henry Moore is Melting
Henry Moore is Melting

Dramatic Thriller, 110 minutes

Inspired by a true story. In 2005, a 2-ton metal sculpture went missing from the grounds of a museum near London, England. The perpetrators were no art thieves – they were travellers (Irish gypsies) who sold the priceless work for scrap. Henry Moore is Melting imagines the story behind the true-life heist, examining the consequences for one traveller who values art more highly than the bonds of his community.

Adapted from the stage play Henry Moore is Melting by Jenny Seidelman

Semifinalist, 2017 ScreenCraft Screenplay Competition - Drama
November 2017

Quarterfinalist, 2017 BlueCat Screenplay Competition
August 2017

Top 20%, 2017 Academy Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting
July 2017

Quarterfinalist, 2014 Final Draft Big Break Screenwriting Contest
September 2014

Quarterfinalist, 2014 Academy Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting
July 2014

Put 'Em Up screenplay reading series
The Public House Theatre, Chicago, IL, November 12, 2013
Directed by Mikey Laird
Featuring Mickey O'Sullivan (Tommy, Boy 4), Ryan Hallahan (Finn, Man 2, Boy 2), Brian Rohde (Mac, Man 3, Boy 3), Dennis Davies (Nikola, Loan Officer, Ned, Tommy's Father, Pete, Desk Clerk), Casey Kells (Serg, Alan, Billy, Jon, Shane), Kasey O'Brien (Tommy's Mother, Newscaster, Bethany, Woman, Vivian), Sarah Shirkey (Carrie), Adam Overberg (Jimmy, Man 1, Boy 1), Adam Schulmerich (Charlie), Kit Ryan (stage directions)