Full-Length > Henry Moore is Melting

Drama, 6 men, 1 woman, 90 minutes

In 2005, a 2-ton metal sculpture went missing from the grounds of a museum near London, England. The perpetrators were no art thieves – they were travellers (Irish gypsies) who sold the priceless work for scrap. Henry Moore is Melting imagines the story behind the true-life heist, examining the consequences for one traveller who values art more highly than the bonds of his community.

The second in a series of plays about travellers, which also includes Reckoning and The Traveller of Tenby.

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Finalist 2014 Christopher Brian Wolk Award for Excellence in Playwriting.
Abingdon Theatre Company, New York, NY
September 2014

1st Annual Knox College New Plays Festival
Knox College, Galesburg, IL, April 12-13, 2013
Directed by Isaac Miller
Featuring Sammie Zimay (Carrie), Isaac Miller (Charlie), Mitchell Wise (Finn), Professor Sherwood Kiraly (Jimmy), Boe Chmil (Mac), Jorge Guzman (Serg) and Micah Snow-Cobb (Tommy)

Cold Basement Dramatics - Chicago, IL, January 10 - January 20, 2013
Directed by Mikey Laird
Stage Manager Kit Ryan
Dramaturg Joe Pindelski
Featuring Mickey O'Sullivan (Tommy), Ryan Hallahan (Finn), Brian Rohde (Mac), Sarah Shirkey (Carrie), Adam Overberg (Jimmy), Casey Kells (Serg), Donaldson (Charlie)

The Drafts Monthly Reading Series
Horse Trade Theater Group, New York, NY, October 1, 2012
Directed by Christopher Burris
Featuring Eddie Jackson (Tommy), Brett Diggs (Finn), Drew Moerlein (Mac), Wei-Yi Lin (Serg), Emma Healey (Carrie), Blaze Mancillas (Jimmy), Misha Calvert (stage directions)

Interrobang Theatre Project
Chicago, IL

October 2010
Featuring Merrie Greenfield (Carrie), Bries Vannon (Finn), Kevin Gladish (Jimmy), Henri Dugas (Charlie), Dave Goss (Serg), Joe Janes (Jon), Dave Stinton (Tommy), Jeffrey Shivar (Mac), Abbie Colton (stage directions)

March, 2010
Featuring Kevin Gladish (Jimmy), Dan Granata (Tommy), Henri Dugas (Charlie), Chris Biddle (Jon), Bries Vannon (Finn), Dave Stinton (Mac), Dave Goss (Serg), Merrie Greenfield (Carrie), Abbie Colton (stage directions)

“…a fast-paced, whiskey-filled, understatedly witty and passionate tale of a young man who loves art more than anything else in the world.” Gapers Block

“Playwright Jenny Seidelman had the fine idea of writing a play about the heist, and the even better one of creating Tommy, a young Pavee who knows and loves art.” Chicago Reader

“Director Mikey Laird's production for Cold Basement Dramatics has all the right kind of gritty atmospherics.” Chicago Tribune