Full-Length > The Traveller of Tenby

Drama, 1 man, 1 woman, 80 minutes

Irish gypsy Finn Barrett has done an unconscionable thing to save his family and himself. Now he’s come to a small coastal town in Wales to seek absolution and bring peace to the lives he has destroyed. But forgiveness does not come easily from fellow traveller Carrie, who bears the weight of Finn’s actions more heavily than he can imagine.

The third in a series of plays about travellers, which also includes Reckoning and Henry Moore is Melting.

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From the Ground Up
Ground UP Productions, New York, NY
February 24, 2014
Directed by Seth Sheldon
Featuring Kate Middleton (Carrie) and Stephen Heskett (Finn)

Semifinalist 2013 Dionysos Cup Festival of New Plays
Polarity Ensemble Theatre, Chicago, IL
November 2012

March 26, 2012
Directed by Mallory Primm
Featuring Catherine Dughi (Carrie) and Ed Porter (Finn)

Play for Keeps
Stockyards Theatre Project, Chicago, IL
October 16, 2011
Directed by Mallory Primm
excerpt from play
Featuring Merrie Greenfield (Carrie) and Ed Porter (Finn)

Stockyards Theatre Project, Chicago, IL, July and September, 2011